What We Believe

We Believe in the Resilience of the Human Spirit.  

We believe that the methods we use are essential for unlocking healing energy in each person.  At the CoreConstellations Center we are committed to create an atmosphere of support and nurturing, while bringing the latest research in affective neurobiology (science of emotions), relational neuroscience (connection & relationships), psychosomatics (mind-body medicine), trauma work (PTSD), and many effective modern treatment modalities to our work with adolescents, adults, couples and families.

We believe in the power and resilience of the human spirit! We believe that there is more to all of us than mere striving for survival, safety, and a comfortable life. We believe that being alive means being anchored in one’s body; it means continuously and courageously takeing emotional risks by reaching out to one’s new frontiers and searching for the meaning of one’s life. We believe that we are all teachers for each other, in order to learn about ourselves, and that we all have a higher potential in us – waiting to be discoverd.

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