Osho Active Meditations

Osho Kundalini Meditation is an hour-long exercise sequence that allows the body to relax both the long-held tension we carry since childhood and the daily stresses of life. It was created by Indian mystic Osho Rajneesh. It incorporates Western and Eastern traditions and takes its roots in an understanding of body-psychotherapy (Reich, Lowen, Pierrakos, et.al), and Eastern methods of energy work, self-regulation and meditation. Kundalini is usually done in the early evening, ideally right after work in order to relax body, mind and soul.

It is in 4 stages:
1) Shaking (stress release)
2) Dancing (expression and celebration)
3) Energy Exercise (seated energy meditation)
4) Stillness (meditation)

Osho Kundalini is taught by Kuno. He was the Director of Pradeep Osho Meditation Center in Vienna , Austria (1977-1980).  He has integrated the philosophy and meditation techniques of Osho Rajneesh as a Core Energetics (body-psychotherapy) practitioner into his workshops and classes.

No prior skills are necessary – only a willingness to explore the connection between mind and body and an ability to vigorously move the body in the active phases. We usually offer Osho Kundalini on demand with a minimum of 6 people.

From a recent participant“My body felt this great need to shake and shake and shake my arms and hands – like I was getting rid of something.  I let it.  And I realized during one of the first two phases that I’d been “holding” so much all my life that my arms and hands had been aching with the effort.  I let go of so much ‘stuff’ last night and got so much relief for my aching, exhausted limbs.  I also happen to be detoxing physically right now so this was as perfect ‘storm’ of release, this experience was!  And I’m so grateful.”

All Meditations start at 7:30 pm and last approximately 2 hours.
Fee: $20.-  Thursdays @ 7:30 PM REGISTER for upcoming meditations: REGISTER

E-mail for more information and to go on our e-mail list for Event updates: KunoBAlive@AOL.com

Osho Kundalini Meditation – After 35+ Years still Cutting Edge
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Osho Dynamic Meditation is an hour and 10 minutes-long  exercise sequence that aims to fully awaken the body’s inherent energies in order to bring body, mind and soul to its highest possible level of awareness and fulfillment. 

This is a very powerful and cathartic method that, in the first phases, aims to cleanse the body-mind from deep tension by fully expressing repressed emotions. Even though this meditation may not be suited for everybody, it is one of the most powerful methods for “internal housekeeping” available.  It has been done millions of times in the past 30 years, often with amazing effects on a person’s body and emotional states.

The 5 stages are:
1) Dynamic Breathing (“Chicken Breath”)
2) Catharsis (express all your feelings – the good, the bad, and the ugly)
3) “Hu” Meditation (exercise to stimulate all chakras and your life energy)
4) “Stop” exercise (watch what is going on inside  – while being absolutely still)
5) Dance and Celebration (“Life is good!” …… when you let go!)

For increased effectiveness, this meditation is led in the form of a workshop. 
It includes detailed instructions, a Core Energetics warm-up to understand the 
basic concepts and to get ready, the actual dynamic meditation and a time for personal sharing, feedback and review of the experiences.

Note: For newcomers to expressive body-psychotherapy methods, please try 
the softer, emotionally less demanding Osho Kundalini Meditation at first.
This exercise can be vigorous and often brings up deep emotional “stuff.”
Please check with Kuno if you have any health concerns.

Kuno Bachbauer used to be the Director  of a Osho Meditation Center in Vienna, Austria. He has guided participants in this powerful meditation many times over the past 30 years.

NEXT DYNAMIC:  Currently offered on demand only. Please contact us if you are interested.   

Dynamic Meditation can be very intense. It is offered in a workshop setting that includes preparation and processing of the experience afterward.  A minimum of six persons is required.The Meditation is usually held on a Saturday at 9:00 AM.
Time: approximately 2.5 hours 
Fee: $30.-
Please reserve your place! 

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“Limbic Relaxation” Stress Release and Meditation for Body, Mind and Soul
Rejuvenate and renew your body, mind and spirit with this dance and movement meditation. Relax your body, release deep muscular tension, set pent-up emotions free and give your over-active mind a break! The idea is simple: Let your body unwind while dancing to beautiful and evocative music. Let your feelings bubble up, and then let it all go, step by step, turning, moving, free-flowing, expanding…. 
The structure of this body-based meditation is centered on the idea that your emotional brain (the limbic system) acts as a bridge between your body, emotions, and conscious mind.  Certain music and movement combined with awareness can release your body and re-balance your state of mind. It’s so simple. Dance for 40 minutes and then rest for a while. Emotional healing happens while you are having fun dancing! 

The effects are immediate. You will feel them the first time! No prior movement or meditation experience skills required.

Location:  CoreConstellations Center
When: Currently not offered regularly.
Time: Usually held on Thursdays from 6:45-8:00 pm.
Fee: TBA

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