HOLISTIC COUNSELING & PSYCHOTHERAPY: If you experience depression, anxiety, loss, sadness, marriage problems, couples issues, need emotional support to resolve some inner conflicts or guidance to open to your spiritual self, then Holistic Counseling and Psychotherapy  may be a good match for you. CORE ENERGETICS: If you are interested in increasing your vitality and want coaching in understanding your body, emotions, and energy as part of your personal growth work, consider Core Energetics, a Neo-Reichian body-psychotherapy & mind-body approach.  FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS: Family Constellations will give you amazing insights into the hidden dynamics of your family system, and reveal the invisible bonds with your ancestral lineage to help you find viable solutions that may transform your life, relationships and business.  PROCESS GROUPS: If you are drawn to a dynamic, experiential group setting, our ongoing body-centered therapy groups, and occasional Core Energetics seminars are powerful options for emotional learning, personal growth, and often rapid self-transformation.  MEDITATION and INSPIRATIONAL EVENTS: We believe in the healing power of mindfulness and meditation. Our whole approach is shaped by this! We offer occasional Osho “active” meditations, “HeartDance”, and psycho-educationa lectures and videos to provide you with new insights, a deeper understanding, and spiritual inspiration. PROFESSIONAL TRAINING & CONTINUING EDUCATION: Trainings are a powerful way to deepen one’s own personal transformational work. If you are a helping professional, counselor or psychotherapist, or someone who just feels called to deepen their understanding of this way of being in the world, you will benefit from our unique mixture of grounded, life-enhancing information, interactive experiences, and hands-on practice.

IMPRESSUM: The contents of the CoreConstellation’s website and any of the links it contains are solely for educational, informational, and for service & product description purposes, only. The descriptions of available services are meant to provide guidance for potential clients, but clients should not rely solely on these descriptions but should discuss that nature of the services with CoreConstellation Center staff (“CCC”) as one would in the beginning of any healing relationship…. See Full Disclaimer