Core Energetics & Body Psychotherapy

Core Energetics is a method of personal growth and transformation. It combines the various methods of bodywork with spiritual work. It was originated by psychiatrist John Pierrakos, MD. This work is focused on bringing BODY, MIND AND SOUL together.  The basic aim is to help a person live from the  “Core” – a unitive state of pleasure, truth and harmony that is achieved when a person is in full energetic flow. This approach includes deep bodywork, breathwork, and expressive techniques for emotional release.  It also incorporates “Character Analysis” as a powerful psychological  process, and it is grounded in the spiritual teachings of the “Pathwork.”  Below, you will find out more about how Core Energetics works, what its goals and methods are, and how it may help you reach your goals in life!  WHY WE WORK WITH THE BODY…. Understanding Body-Psychotherapy
Your body holds every experience, both joyous and painful. When a negative or painful experience happens in life, your body  contracts. When your energy stagnates  from this contraction, we call this an “energy block.”  This “defense” represents our attempt to stay safe in an environment we perceive as disturbing, hostile or threatening to our integrity. These muscular contractions disrupt the natural flow of energy in your body, distort your thinking and perception of reality, and prevent your creative and loving expression in the world. You may find yourself unable to enjoy a satisfying lifestyle, and you may be denied a healthy body, fulfilling relationships, and even lack prosperity. You may struggle to accept yourself and others. As a result, you may feel angry, afraid, humiliated and stuck in life. You are actually blocking your potential from within!

The goal of body-centered therapy is to help restore the natural flow of energy in a person. Body-psychotherapy is a sub-specialty of psychotherapy and an integrated aspect of the Core Energetics process. We combine specific physical exercises and psychological process work in order to address the deepest conflicts in a person and guide them towards a full and embodied life experience.

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Core Energetics

What is Core Energetics? 

Core Energetics is a method of therapy that strives to achieve transformation through self-discovery. Developed by John C. Pierrakos, this technique differs from traditional talk therapy in that it engages the body’s energy source through physical activity including kicking, hitting, muscle flexing, extreme posturing, vocalizations and expressions, and joins these outlets to statements. By doing so, the client is provided with a cohesive conversation between body and mind. Core Energetics allows a client to deeply feel his emotions and conflicting feelings, and often times the client discovers the sensations of true healing more rapidly than with traditional talk therapy by itself. Core Energetics can be difficult, but it inspires creativity, surprise, excitement and uniqueness and offers immense physical and emotional healing.

Linking Between Spirituality and Psychology

Core Energetics has also been referred to as the common link joining both spirituality and psychology. The first Western psychotherapy technique to combine both spiritual and physical psychology, this unique form of treatment is an extremely holistic and blended technique. Core Energetics aims to achieve healing through an integration of all measures of humanity – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. This form of therapy is constructed on the theories of Freud, Jung, and Wilhelm Reich, as well as the study of physics, spirituality, charka theory and intrinsic human development.

Change Through Core Energetics

Core Energetics comprehends and expands upon the healing process that energy provides to both the physical and spiritual being. To truly heal, one must understand every aspect of their inner self, their defenses, their beauty and the depths of their darkness. Change occurs in stages as each layer of a being is identified and brought into awareness. This culminates with a magnificent burst of energy which can be directed toward achieving mental, spiritual and physical healing. The ultimate goal of Core Energetics is to provide the client with a greater sense of life satisfaction, abundance, joy and happiness.

From: Helping People Find Therapists & Advocating for Ethical Therapy

CORE ENERGETICS EVENTS in the Washington, DC area (Rockville, MD)

Kuno Bachbauer, Dr. med. (Austria), LMFT (D.C.) offers…

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Disclaimer: Kuno Bachbauer holds an academic medical degree from Austria (Dr. med.), but he is not licensed in the United States and does not practice medicine. Dr. Bachbauer is licensed to practice Marriage and Family Therapy in the District of Columbia but does not offer this service in Maryland.

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