Encounter-centered Couples Therapy

Workshops, Classes & Sessions for Couples

Would you like to….
Learn to express deep emotional experiences with your partner?
Learn how to cultivate more desire and eros in your relationship?
Experience more joy and fulfillment – together?

Couples Therapy:
The CoreConstellations Center provides a safe, confidential place for couples to explore the difficult issues in their relationship.  We understand the need for each person to maintain their individuality and still share a deep passionate connection with each other.  Couples learn how to express their longings, disappointments, anger and love in ways that enhance the intimacy of the couple and the growth of the individual.
Some of the concerns of couples we see include:

  • Unresolved resentments and anger
  • Stress related to family, extended family, career, etc
  • Conflicts around parenting
  • Money concerns
  • Intimacy and sexual concerns
  • Addictions
  • Aging issues
  • Affairs
  • Illness
  • Difficulty communicating

It is important to understand that the “perfect” couple does not exist.Each couple has its own set of difficulties and struggles. This is normal. Every couple’s task is to understand how to use these difficulties for growth and greater love. In your work with us you will learn to strengthen your union through better and more direct communication, honesty and compassion for each other. For more information, contact us today, and begin your journey to a more loving, intimate relationship.
Further Information:
Please check out the section on “Process Groups” (see Website Index on the left side).  You will find basic explanations about our workshops and groups.  Learn how our groups and workshops may help you overcome difficult life situations (depression, anxiety, anger, fear, loss, illness), deepen your love relationships, experience more eros in your life, and fulfill your true human potential. We are planning a bi-monthly Couples Workshop Series starting in Spring 2017. Call: Joanne 301-217-0427 to apply.

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