The Healing Power of Group Therapy


What Are Process Groups?

Questions & Answers: About Working Together in our Workshops & Groups

What Core Energetics Body-Centered Therapy Can Do for You:

  • Learn ways of feeling more alive, connected, energetic, lighter and embodied,
  • Challenge beliefs and unconscious attitudes towards life that hold you back from your true potential,
  • Feel more vibrant and alive in your body with specific body exercises that unlock contracted energy,
  • Develop the courage and strength you need within yourself to direct your own life,
  • Grow into the person that you are truly meant to be!


Body-centered group process work
Your body holds every life experience, both joyous and painful. When a negative or painful experience happens in life, your body contracts. We call this an “energy block.”  It is our attempt to stay safe.

These energy blocks disrupt the natural flow of energy in the body and prevent your creative expression in the world. You may find yourself unable to enjoy a satisfying lifestyle, a healthy and fit body, fulfilling relationships, and even prosperity. You may struggle to accept yourself and others. Or, you may be feeling stuck in life. These feeling are actually blocking your potential from within. These blockages may manifest as physical pain, chronic ailments, limiting beliefs, and restricted negative attitudes toward life which may be causing you to miss out on abundance, joy, happiness, health and fulfillment.

The goal of body-centered therapy is to help restore the natural flow of energy in a person. Body-centered therapy is a specialty of psychotherapy where we combine specific physical exercises and psychological process work in order to address the deepest conflicts of a person.

How may body-centered groups be helpful for me?
Our ongoing groups and workshops are a place to grow, to experiment and to share your deepest feelings in the presence of others. We work with the body, energy and consciousness. The support, inspiration, love and companionship of fellow group participants often helps overcome deep-seated fears and correct long-standing misguided beliefs about oneself, one’s own body and about life in general. These groups provide comfort and support as well as an ongoing challenge to go for one’s highest potential!  What personal issues do people bring?
Many people come for personal growth, for stress release and to open up in their relationships.  Over the past fourteen years of working together in this format, Joanne and Kuno have helped many people with weight problems, sexual issues, addictive behaviors, sexual and physical abuse, body image issues, shame, guilt, depression, fear, and more…

How does it work?
Working with body-centered methods in a group setting adds a powerful dynamic to therapeutic work. It enhances access to unconscious patterns and also helps raise one’s own energy. Increased energy often works as a tool for understanding of what’s going on for a client and serves as an entry point for emotional healing, personal growth and transformation.

Core Energetics 
Core Energetics combines the methods of body-centered psychotherapy with spiritual work. It was originated by psychiatrist John Pierrakos, MD. His work focused on bringing body, mind and soul together. The basic aim is to help a person live from their “Core” – a state of pleasure, truth and harmony that is reached when a person is in full energetic flow. This appproach includes deep bodywork, breathwork, expressive techniques for emotional release, “Character Analysis” (as a psychological method), and is grounded in the spiritual philosophy of the “Pathwork.”

Family Constellations 
Family Constellations work, in the tradition of Bert Hellinger, looks at how trauma and pain in a family system is unconsciously carried over from generation to generation. Through Family Constellations, unseen dynamics come to light and offer new choices and opportunities for growth, change and unity. This work uniquely supports the movement of a person’s soul towards healing and self-realization.

Family Constellations work is offered to the public in the form of bi-weekly groups, occasional weekend workshops, a training program for professionals (CEU), and is also integrated into our body-centered process groups.
Introducing the Format: What is an “Ongoing Process Group?” 
An Ongoing Process Group builds on the continuity of weekly therapeutic work together. It is a place for people to explore their deepest life issues. In the safe and nurturing company of people who are also working on their own personal issues, it easier to open up, to take new risks and to practice new behaviors. During these sessions, we use Group Dynamics, Core Energetics, Family Constellations, Bodywork, Movement, Dance, and Meditation.

Introducing: What is a “Weekend Intensive?”
For people who want to go deeper but can’t commit to the weekly process work, we offer occasional “Weekend Intensives.” These are similar to an ongoing process group but more concentrated and usually centered on a theme. This is an excellent opportunity for newcomers to explore our work. We also offer some Weekend Intensives specifically for couples.

In addition to ongoing meetings of the process groups, we schedule three “Saturday Intensives” thoughout the year. The Process Group Intensives are usually a time for rapid personal progress and accelerated emotional growth for our group members.
Introducing: What is a “Community Event?” 
We believe in the healing power of community.
Community Events are special programs offered to the public for personal expansion. It can be a lecture, a dance, a training or an evening of meditation. Check our calendar for details.

What about Medical and Psychological Issues I may have?
You are about to enter a very wonderful but also very powerful modality for healing. It may not be right for everyone! If you are currently in a counseling or psychotherapy treatment, please consult with your therapist before registering for our groups. For your own safety, we want to know as much about you as possible before we accept you in one of our programs. Please inform us on the registration form or during your initial interview about any health conditions or emotional problems you may have now, or have had in the past. We also want to know about any prescription medications you are taking and any counseling or psychotherapy you are currently involved in.  We are looking forward to seeing you in our Circle of Support.

What participants say about our work:

“Being in the group has been one of the most meaningful things I have done in my life”. S.G.

“….Kuno and Joanne created an incredibly safe environment for me to let go and experience an in-depth release of long submerged feelings…”  Anonymous Feedback

“They created the opportunity for my body to blossom and unfold that I have never before experienced…”  P.C.

“I felt energized, revitalized….”  E.D.

“It’s an amazing process. You look into the dark to see the light and then become the light for others.”
Anonymous Feedback

“…When I began core therapy, I was merely surviving/half-dead. Now I’m alive. Alive to the pain of my past, but also the love, joy and peace of the present.”  K.E.S.


We currently offer TWO DIFFERENT ONGOING Process Groups at our Center:

WEEKLY (Mondays) & MONTHLY (Saturday Intensives) GROUPS

“Monday Group”  Body-Centered Process Group

Meets Mondays, 6:30 -8:30 pm (ONGOING ENROLLMENT)
Led by Kuno Bachbauer, MD & Joanne Lynch-Bachbauer
$90.-/session (insurance reimbursable

“Saturday Intensive”  Core Energetics Process MONTHLY Group Series

Meets one Saturday a month. All day: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm. (ONGOING ENROLLMENT).

Led by Kuno Bachbauer, MD & Joanne Lynch-Bachbauer
$180.-/session (insurance reimbursable) or DISCOUNT: 10-session package. (150.-/session)



Location: All our groups and workshops are held at CoreConstellations Center in Rockville, Maryland.

Requirements for all Groups:  

  • FREE entrance interview.
  • One session/month individual therapy (with a therapist of your choice).
  • We also request a six months initial commitment. Our groups are designed for long-term emotional healing and personal growth. The commitment is necessary to allow the emotional bonding and learning that can take place in a process like this.

Registration & Information: 

Please, contact us IN PERSON if you have additional questions, are interested in joining and ask for a FREE entrance interview.

Please send us an e-mail! Enter in your e-mail Headline the group you have interest in and your name:

  • “ONGOING Saturday Intensive 2018 – (+ your name)”
  • “ONGOING Monday Group 2018 – (+ your name)”


Kuno: or call: 240-899-1833 or call: 301-217-0427.



SUMMER PROCESS GROUP with Joanne & Kuno Bachbauer.  

We are always so amazed at how deeply our participants connect during this powerful social learning experience! Maybe, this is because of the short time commitment (one month); or the interesting blend of people that usually come to it; or, maybe it’s the exciting mix of beginners and advanced clients that are usually joining forces together to taking a significant leap in their personal growth.

FORMAT:  TWO “Saturday Intensive” all-day process group meetings. Saturday, July 14. and/or  August 11, 2018 .

DATES: July 14 and/or August, 11 2017.

INVESTMENT: $ 180.- per group, 300.- (if both paid in advance).

REGISTRATION & INFORMATION:  Please send us an e-mail! and include the headline: “SUMMER GROUP 2018 – (+ your name)”

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