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The CoreConstellations Center is proud to be one of the most innovative centers for counseling and personal growth in the Greater Washington, D.C. area. Located in Rockville, MD, we offer individual and couples psychotherapy, holistic counseling, personal growth workshops and groups, movement, meditation, and occasional community education programs.Our Center offers programs just for you. The word “holistic” implies that we honor you as a unique and whole person – Body, Mind, and Soul. As you will see, we offer a multi-dimensional approach to enriching one’s life experiences by blending traditional counseling methods for healing deep conflicts and emotional wounds with alternative approaches for profound self-transformation.

Kuno Bachbauer and Joanne Lynch-Bachbauer are co-directing the Center. A number of other mental health practitioners are also part of our team.

When it comes to choosing a professional for your emotional well-being, it’s important to find someone experienced and compassionate. Our clients report that they learn to overcome their personal struggles and limitations in the safety of a warm and caring healing relationship. Some clients come to us for “personal growth”. They may be looking for more optimal ways of living in the world and will benefit from our tools for finding their personal strengths, resilience and inner resources, or from learning how to connect and express themselves more fully.We are looking forward to meeting you at our Center!


Kuno & Joanne


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    Our group program restarts in September and goes from September through June.

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