About Our Team

Joanne Lynch-Bachbauer, L.C.S.W.- C.
Joanne has 20+ years experience as a holistic counselor, psychotherapist, and leader of process-oriented therapy groups. She incorporates psycho-dynamic work, Gestalt, awareness & meditation. She teaches and leads workshops in Family Constellations Training (Hellinger) in the Greater Washington, DC area. Joanne is the Director of the Constellations Learning Center in Rockville, Maryland. She can be reached at 301-217-0427 or joanne@coreconstellations.com

Kuno Bachbauer, Dr. med. (Austrian degree) L.M.F.T. (D.C.)  

Trained as a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner he incorporates body-psychotherapy, Gestalt & spiritual work. He is a senior member of the Faculty of the Institute of  Core Energtics East, (New York) and also teaches at the Core Energetics Institutes in Brazil (Brasilia & Sao Paulo) and Australia. He is also a graduate of Family Constellations Training (Harald Hohnen, HellingerUSA). Kuno is the Director of the Core Energetics programs at the CoreConstellations Center. He can be reached at 301-762-5866 or KunoB@AOL.com

Joanne & Kuno, TOGETHER…. 
We have been leading Family Constellations workshops and trainings, and Core Eenrgetics (body-centered) workshops and groups together or over 15 years. We are also the founders and owners of CoreConstellations Center. By blending the strenghts of our quite different backgrounds and personalities, we are able to create a safe, as well as, a challenging space for clients who work on exploring their life issues with us. We are constantly honing our skills as a couple. Currently, we are enrolled in a three-year International Masterclass in “Encounter-Centered Couples Therapy” with Hedy & Yumi Schleifer. We are very excited about this opportunity for us as a couple, and also hope to be able to share this profound learning in our work with individual and couples clients! It is our passion and joy to help clients transform their life. We welcome you to our work!

“They have created the opportunity for my body to blossom and unfold that I have never experienced before”     P.C.  (group member)

Meet our Office Colleagues

Suzanne Corcoran, LCSW-C
Suzanne has over 20 years of experience as a Couples and Indicvidual therapist. She is known for her ability to connect easily with others with enthusiasm and warmth. She has special training in EMDR and IMAGO couples work. Suzanne has also experience as a school counselor and works with individuals, couples, adolescents and families. She is a dedicated educator who helps couples understand and develop the skills they need to make positive changes. Suzanne has her office at CoreConstellations Center and can be reached at 301-590-0204. www.suzannecorcoran.net

Cathy Roberts, L.C.P.C. 

Cathy’s direct, non-judgmental style deeply engages the individuals, couples, families, and groups she works with. Through conversation, reflection, coaching, and mentoring, people uncover their unique strengths, and skills and live with more self-acceptance and vitality. Cathy’s training includes Gestalt, psycho-dynamic, and experiential psychotherapy. She works with people age 10 and up living with sadness, tension, and loss related to divorce, death, illness, and trauma. Cathy has her full-time office at CoreConstellations Center.

Cathy can be reached at 301-651-0019. Cathy’s website is www.cathyroberts.net  Her email: cathy@Cathyroberts.net

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