Individual Psychotherapy Across the Lifespan


Let Joanne Lynch-Bachbauer, LCSW-C help you resolve your inner conflicts with holistic counseling and psychodynamic psychotherapy sessions.  She addresses the following:•  Loss•  Couples Issues•  Sadness•  Marriage Problems    •  Anxiety•  Depression What Joanne says about her work: I am a seasoned therapist offering individual, couples and group therapy. My work is all about connection and integration. I help people find a relationship with themselves, and with others.I specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety and mood disorders. I am particulary interested in how these emotional states effect a person’s capacity to experience their full potential in intimate relationships. I use a holistic approach which takes into account the emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the whole person. I am the co-founder of the CoreConstellation Center – a holistic therapy and learning center in Rockville, MD. I am a senior teacher and facilitator in Family Constellations work. I offer an on-going training and workshops in the Family Constellations approach. I have a life long interest in how nutrition, exercise, movement and dance promote wellbeing. I have been studying and practicing meditation for the last 25 years and bring this strong foundation into my healing work.  Contact me at 301-217-0417 in Rockville, Maryland, or send an email to make contact, receive emotional support, or professional guidance for your life issues.

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